Elaine is Founder and President of Fishes&Loaves Inc as well as the Senior Pastor of Miracle Central Church in Bacolod City. She has been serving Christ for 22 years in the prophetic and healing ministry even as she spent several years in the corporate world before pursuing full-time ministry in 2002.

The reality of God‘s voice further fueled her life’s mission of spreading the truth of HIS love, power and saving grace to others. God has given Elaine a ministry of encouragement which continuously reflects that ‘absolutely nothing is impossible with HIM.’

She loves children as they remind her of the Father’s great love for each of us. Elaine is a worshipper who loves to bring people into heaven’s throne room. She is passionate about loving, healing hurts and giving hope to the hopeless and discouraged through the WORD and LOVE of Christ in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Elaine also speaks at conferences, youth camps, crusades with various churches and organizations in the Philippines and overseas.



Head, Administrative Services

Des had almost 20 years of experience in the corporate world in the areas of property management in the Hospitality and Service industries before joining the management team of Fishes and Loaves. Coaching and encouraging others excite her. She is mainly responsible for keeping every member of the team on track with their tasks and deadlines. Des is also relied upon as a counselor and facilitator of challenging interpersonal concerns within the organization.

Working with the F&L team is a humbling experience for her as each member’s unique giftedness all complement and serve to pursue the greater purpose of transforming lives and communities with the life-changing power of God’s love. She found a life of freedom and purpose working with Fishes and Loaves which she does not consider as work at all. Her greatest passion is to bring heaven down to earth through the sowing of God’s seeds of truth and life to the least among us. With all her career and professional accomplishments under her belt, Des considers herself as the Father’s work in progress. She is also a very happy wife to husband Bitoy and a mother of 3 lovely daughters.



Overseer, F&L Operations

Kay’s past corporate experience includes 17 years in Events and Restaurant Management as well as 2 years in government service as legislative researcher in the areas of economics, the environment and other social issues. She joined Fishes and Loaves without a clear plan for what lies ahead but with just a strong “knowing” that working with F&L was the next step in the fulfilment of God’s purpose and promises in her life. Her main responsibilities include standardizing procedures in the feeding program from menu development, stock management and cost control and purchasing.

She also assists with other functions within the organization such as internal/external communications, fund-raising and whatever may be required to ensure the smooth flow of operations within Fishes and Loaves. She quickly realized through working with the F&L team that the children and volunteers have greatly enriched her more than what she could contribute to Fishes and Loaves in terms of systems and organizational improvements. Loving and serving the children showed her that the most important things in life are not things but people. Together with the rest of F&L team, she considers both her passion and a privilege to be given front row seats to witnessing the power of God’s love in transforming lives and communities.



Cost Control and Facilities Improvement

April takes care of a wide range of responsibilities; from managing daily finances, to executing her own designs on physical improvements around Miracle House and wherever it’s needed. She also assists in counseling scholars and strengthening relationships with their teachers.

April possesses an inherent creativity and resourcefulness which makes her an invaluable contribution to the pioneering work that Fishes & Loaves does. Her 14 years of corporate experience in Retail Marketing and the Service industry have made her a natural in handling difficult people situations.

Working with F&L has made her realize that life is not about oneself but about helping others. Her love for the children motivates her. Being around them and learning their trusting ways have helped ease her fear of loving others.



IT/ Multi-Media Production

The love of God is what motivates Carina to serve. She left her job as a Call Center agent to pursue her passion of sharing her God-given gifts and talents with under-privileged children. And so teach and love on high risk children she pours herself into. Carina also is also responsible for the development of multi-media materials and organizing youth activities such as Bible story-telling and outreaches. She teaches them to praise and worship Him through song and dance. These are the things that get her started at the beginning of each new day. The children’s cheerful warmth and lively spirits are fingerprints of Carina’s love and service to the Lord and to the precious treasures He has entrusted to Fishes and Loaves.



Director, Miracle House

Jessa spent most of her professional career as a nurse and care-giver. Her big heart and quiet strength make her the perfect fit as overall in-charge of Fishes and Loaves’ Miracle House (feeding center ) and Scholarship Program. Her passion of caring for children, the sick and the elderly started at an early age. Jessa sees the slums as a big mission field of souls in need of God’s truth and love and takes delight in witnessing the transformation in the lives of the people she serves daily. The thought of seeing the children’s smiles is what motivates her each day. As with the rest of the F&L team who are one in changing communities for God’s glory, Jessa has come to realize that it’s the children (and their families) who have changed her life more than she could ever hope to change theirs.



Liaison Officer

As the former head of Miracle House, feeding centre, she has made invaluable contributions to our pioneering work. Her childhood dream of “mothering and nurturing” needy children was fulfilled as she gave unconditional love to all the children that came to the centre. She has now taken the new tasks of being Liaison Officer, blessing F&L with new connections in both government and private institutions. Joy is the better half of Rael and they are both proud parents of 3 beautiful children .