/ BARANGAYS / “Barangay” formerly called barrio, is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward.
The drafting of the 1987 Constitution restored the Municipal Council making the Barangay the smallest unit of Philippine government. 

Fishing, which accounts for the livelihood of about 60% of its residents, is the primary source of income in Barangays.

However, the seasonal nature of this trade and lack of “employable” skills of a majority of its residents have kept them below the poverty threshold of Php16,841/ year (per capita income as of 2011 of ) or US$ 400/year (US$ 1.11 per day). Insufficient employment opportunities in the area have only served to aggravate this situation.

Business establishments are minimal and are controlled by a few Filipino-Chinese businessmen.

Because of the level of poverty in this area, it has become a focus for criminal activity such as drug trafficking and prostitution, with children of every age bred into this type of lifestyle. Recognizing the needs in the area, Fishes & Loaves embarked on various intervention programs that will help stop the cycle of poverty in the area with special focus on the children of these communities.