Children in crisis are boys and girls affected by sexual exploitation, child labor, conflict with the law, domestic violence, disability, or lack of a primary caregiver.

Children are more vulnerable than adults because they are less capable of protecting and taking care of themselves. Their chances of survival are diminished by the fact they are mentally and emotionally under-developed due to their young age.


Fishes & Loaves strives to provide as safe an environment as possible for these children in its Feeding Center. The “Miracle House”, as it is popularly called within the slums, also operates as a halfway house where children are fed and nurtured.

This place functions as a day-care, after –school tutorial classroom, first aid clinic, a church on Sunday and even an evacuation center in times of natural calamities. Miracle House is the place where they learn about Jesus and taught how to receive love and give love to others.

F&L and Calvary to the Rescue!

Fishes & Loaves in partnership with Calvary Kids Home rescues extreme cases of abuse in order to provide immediate relief and a second chance of living a life of wholeness and hope for these precious children.